Marg Slater, Producer - Auckland New Zealand

Marg Slater, Producer - Auckland New Zealand

Producing international TVCs in New Zealand since 1994, Marg Slater has worked with directors from all over the world, including such names as Michael Seresin, Paul Arden, Thom Higgins, Fabrice Carazo, John Lloyd and Paul Middleditch.

She has also sat on the board of the locations office, Film NZ; developed, produced, or line produced six short films; received development funding for two features; and produced Vincent Ward’s Rain of the Children. In 2009, she joined TBWA\Whybin as Head of TV Production, and spent a brief period as line producer for It’s In the Bag, Series 3. In 2011, she produced BARE, a theatre production, with Toa Fraser and Ian Hughes, to raise funds for the Red Cross Christchurch Earthquake Fund.

In June 2012, she returned fulltime to Slater Films to focus on overseas line production, the development and production of feature films, and children’s TV and online content. Marg produced the Auckland season of the triple bill 'Lumina' for the New Zealand Dance Company in 2015, which opened to rave reviews and has continued to tour internationally and nationally.

September 2013, Marg was invited and joined the board of the New Zealand Dance Advancement Trust - The New Zealand Dance Company, completing her tenure in 2017. She is currently on the Board of Film Auckland Inc and Circability Trust.

Recently she has been involved in a project called The One Winged Bee Called Emily. To develop and produce a children’s animation series aimed at changing societies perception of people with disabilities, people who are different. Emily’s song, Ep. 1, was released online July 14th, Ep. 2 release in September with Ep. 3 production for release October 2014. The first e-book, produced by KiwaDigital will be released at the end of September, an interactive game shortly thereafter and Book 2 towards the end of the year. Book 1 and 2 are in English, Te Reo Maori and Sign Language.

Here is a link to Emily’s video,

Currently Marg is Producer of 'The House of Champions' a NZ On air funded documentary for Three, Directed by Kirsty Griffin and Viv Kernick, Bella Pacific Media Ltd.